May your 2019 be full of color.

“As the upper sky and distant mountains appear blue, so a blue surface seems to retire from us.

But as we readily follow an agreeable object that flies from us, so we love to contemplate blue — not because it advances to us, but because it draws us after it.” Goethe, Theory of Colours

photo: winter’s bright blue sky on basalt mountain by reina katzenberger
“One of Goethe’s most radical points was a refutation of Newton’s ideas about the color spectrum, suggesting instead that darkness is an active ingredient rather than the mere passive absence of light.” -Maria Popova

So he was technically wrong, but he was also right. There is something active going on with our perception of color, a depth and implication of meaning that is hard to describe. It ends up owning us and we find ourselves blessed to behold it. 

I hope your new year is full of color.

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