indentations Sept19–Oct31-2019

(new print work) @ Red Brick Art Center

September 19 – October 31 also showing recent work from Bariloche artist Barbara Drausal.  

These pieces are in response to my time and experiences in Bariloche, Argentina during my Aspen Sister City Artist Exchange in May 2019. Each piece celebrates something I learned from a studio visit, explored in conversation with an artist or was captured by visually. 

Using familiar mixed media techniques that incorporate traditional printmaking these pieces explore new and unexpected mark making and impression techniques.  The content of the pieces is inspired directly by the natural physical landscape of the place as well as the profound impression the people and their artwork has left upon me and my personal exploration of creative expression. 

Thank you to the Red Brick Art Center for supporting the Aspen Sister Cities Artist Exchange Program. Artist Barbra Drausal was going to be here on exchange but suffered a last minute accident and couldn’t make the trip. We send her all our love and well wishes for quick recovery!