Be the best! {mis-attribution}


This originally was a print of Lincoln that Reina ran this past summer.  She quickly learned that the quote was misattributed and choose to dig deeper and learn more… Read more below

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“Sometimes I get things wrong. Instead of tossing it out I wanted to build on it, learn from it and work towards being a better person, artist and community member.  Lincoln was long passed when the “whatever you are, be a good one” line was attributed to him. MLK Jr. famously said “be the best of what ever you are” in 1967 which was also the title of an inspiration poem from 1926 by Douglas Malloch. Everything comes from somewhere. My artistic response to misattribution – limited edition print available on shirts, tea towels and prints.” – Reina

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100% Cotton Tea Towel, Limited Edition print on paper, T-Shirt