we specialize in custom service…

do any of these ring a bell?

  • i have an idea and want to talk to someone about it
  • i want to self publish a limited edition book
  • i have an outdated logo…
  • i want a squarespace tutorial
  • i am looking for advice on a business venture
  • i have big news and want to letterpress the announcement
  • i want a new website
  • i need kickass packaging for a my amazing product
  • i have an idea for a shirt and want to hand screen print a bunch for my friends.

we can help.

we appreciate your time as much as ours so if we aren’t the best fit to help you we will put you in touch with someone who can.

max.ink was established in 2002 by reina katzenberger, based in colorado, serving clients worldwide.


Advertising, Art Direction, Branding, Consulting, Concept Development, Content Architecture, Content Design, Creative Direction, Identity, Print, Packaging, Signage, Website Design

To people just like you:

artists, architects, photographers, small startups, health professionals, independent non-profits, entrepreneurs, established businesses, creatives of all types.

thats nice and all but what are we actually doing?

happily there is a lot happening and we are very inconsistently posting updates on the lowdown.

current project of note

wear it. art shirt club!

We are curating a year long collection of amazing shirt designs created and hand-printed @ the.project.shop by our team of hard-working and dedicated artists. By joining Wear It! you are saying yes to awesome, unique, functional art and the incredible creatives behind each design… Let go of consumer control and empower some amazing ‘under the radar’ artists to share their art with the world. You might not love all of the designs and that’s ok! Think of it like a CSA… you might not love eggplant but someone you know probably will. You are not a member to just buy t-shirts. You could do that at any number of chains. You are here to be part of a community that believes in and supports artists by putting their money where their mouth is. Join us!

Wear it! Art Club.

more at theprojectshop.org/wearit.html

ready to dive in?

drop us a line.